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Baron Rhonstadt of Beaconsfield

Ivan Clarke - Baron Rhonstadt of Beaconsfield - Windsory Contemporary Art Gallery


Dreaming of a war he once may have fought, the Baron of Beaconsfield, with a tale for every occasion, gazes into middle distance past us lest we test the veracity of his memory! A grand figurehead, the Baron stands for all that is good and truly houndish. Committed to anchoring the present in the past he rejoices in his uniform, medals and memories. Sadly his dimmed recollection is the only link with the once proud Houndish military tradition

Number in Edition: 495 comprising 450 of one size plus 45 Artist’s Proofs
Artist's Proof - A/P: Limited edition of 45.
Media: Fine-art limited edition Giclee on Museum Canvas - signed and numbered

The Baron, 910 x 1200 mm
$ 19,500.00 NZD
(UNFRAMED) Lightfast GICLEE on Museum Canvas, Hand-rendered, re-touched, and textured by brush