Calling for Artists

What does Windsor Gallery Sell?

At Windsor Gallery we strive to accommodate a wide range of subject matter and artist style and mediums.  We welcome developing artists that demonstrate well executed and unique work, along with well known acclaimed artists.  We are interested in oils, acrylics, watercolours, mixed media, collage, photography, painting on wood, plexiglass and aluminium, ceramics, pottery, bronze sculptures, glassware and are open to new creative design.  We vary the range of subject matter to include still life, figurative, abstract, landscape, contemporary to traditional.


Does Windsor Gallery Promote me and my artwork?

Windsor gallery promotes all its artists on this website.  We also place advertisements in newspaper, magazine and radio advertising.  Exhibitions are advertised on media and through use of our database.  We strive to obtain exposure and recognition for our artists and to mentor developing artists as they move into the public arena.


Selection of Art

Please understand that our decision to show work is based on our particular markets and that if we decide we don’t wish to proceed with showing your work it is not subjective to the aesthetic quality of your artwork, rather driven by particular trends and our market at that point in time.