Our Artists

Jonathan Chaston

Born 18/10/1951

Attended Cashmere High School where I won the Art prize two years in a row 1969/70. Also in 1969 I had a painting of mine sent to Japan for an exhibition between schools. After High school I did a one year art course at Christchurch Polytech with Barry Cleavin as one of my Tutors.Next year this one year course turned into a 3 year one. Barry liked what I had achieved so much he went out of his way to get me accepted into Ilam Art school even after nominations had closed for the next year. Due to car accident during Christmas time I did not end up going. I then got married with a family to support went into business restoring brass beds etc.Later after work I restored some vintage cars including a 1928 Auburn Boat-tailed Speedster which was a piece of Automobile art in itself. I now collect Automobile glass an car mascots for a hobby.  I believe there is a time and a place for most things in ones life so here I am retired and now doing some artworks using some of the techniques I learned during my working life.

I like working in different metals to make my sculptures. Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass and steel.