Our Artists

Lisa Wallace

Lisa is predominately a surreal portrait specialist, honing her natural ability to capture the essence of a person and bring them to life in a unique and quirky way. Her love of the human eye and how they connect to the soul propels her to embrace a moment in time in a pure and powerful way. She uses her photo realistic images to speak life to the viewer and challenge their grasp on reality.

Lisa’s work will take you on a journey, always interesting, never predictable. Lisa’s love for nature, beauty and life giving water is a strong intertwining theme through her portfolio.
From the artist:

“My passion is in capturing one’s breath and harnessing the spirit of emotion and giving it heart through my painting. I adore movement of brushstrokes, I love my work to feel alive.
My aim is to create living works which speak to the viewer and tell a story. Each piece comes from the heart and is intended to delight and intrigue. I feel so blessed to be able to share  my art and heart with you”
Lisa specialises in one off commission pieces designed in conjunction with the client. She embellishes the portrait, tailored to the clients request to create a master piece for generations to come. For further information about commission works created by Lisa, please contact Windsor Gallery https://www.windsorgallery.co.nz/