Our Artists

Michael Holland

Born: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand in 1966
Lives & works in Christchurch Canterbury NZ.
Education: Hillmorton High School

Michael began painting in 1999 and is a self-educated painter, with no formal training. “I am an Oceanic dreamboat contemporary painter from Canterbury.

Michael is ambitious and passionate, and driven towards being a successful contemporary painter and his aim is to achieve a unique identity as an artist.

“I am trying to be my own voice and I'm exploring new ways of seeing and doing things in a way only I can do. I try to tell my story of our culture and history to create a new language, by inventing my subject matter and symbols, using my imagination. Rules are often broken along the way.  My dreamboats are a recurring theme, which I see as vessels to transport my thoughts and ideas. NZ is a series of islands surrounded by water, so I'm exploring the possibilities this has to offer with the intent of making something profound, beautiful and original”.

Michael has had extensive solo and joint exhibitions, and his works are held in collections throughout NZ homes and businesses and internationally, Australia, England, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, South Africa, USA.