Our Artists

Robert Martin


A lifelong involvement with art and the outdoors has led RJ across the globe to his home …. the South Island of New Zealand.

Since winning a UK national TV art competition when I was 6 years old, art has been an integral part of my life.

Following 3 years London art school training, I have worked in many fields of art during my career, photography, advertising, graphic design, airbrushing surfboards, typography, illustration, gallery director.

Illustration led me to specialize, c1976, in fine detail book cover illustration: Completing more than 100 covers for major publishers in London and Europe, including many best authors, such as Eric Amber, Dorothy L Sayers and James Herbert.

As a full-time artist my career has led to recent studies in oil and pencil on NZ birds, with a particular focus now on endangered and extinct species, plus a goal to a contribute to NZ bird conservation through sales.

Very interesting that it was a drawing on the theme ‘Teddy bears picnic’ nursery rhyme that won the childhood competition mentioned above. It transcends that I am completing another life circle back to wildlife art, it began with teddy bears and it’s …. birds.

While much of the art on my journey, especially the book covers, also had an uncannily strong wildlife connection.

Recently a renowned NZ artist, tongue in cheek, suggested that maybe I was a reincarnation of the famous old master John Martin, 1789 – 1850, English romantic painter, most popular artist of his day ….. now there is a benchmark.

We can all dream ….. time to get painting!