Our Artists

Sam Barrow

Sam was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and at the age of nine months clearly remembers moving to the seaside with his Mum, Dad and Sister.  Forty years later and after almost as many moves he now resides once again down by the sea in Christchurch.  There he works as an engineering geologist helping to rebuild Christchurch after the 2010/11 earthquakes.

Sam graduated with a Master of Science in Geology in 2000.  He has been employed in the area of geological hazard mitigation since then but has also explored a diverse range of other vocations over this time including landscape architecture, jazz and piano and publishing.
In mid-2013 he felt compelled to being making pictures of the South Island landscape and other subjects.  His photographs have gained the appreciation of a growing audience both locally and further afield and now some of the images have been made available to own as limited edition prints through this site.

It’s a quickly evolving passion that he describes as more like remembering than learning.  He elaborates briefly on this below.

On Remembering…

In June 2013 I had never imagined owning a camera.  Then literally in a single instant, without thought or hesitation, I found myself in a seemingly effortless process of image making that quickly took on a life of its own.

I use the word remembering in one sense because if feels more like awakening something already known rather than learning.  This is why I find it so exciting and why the possibilities seem boundless for I know there is no limit to the amount one can remember.

Landscapes, the ocean and the skies above them captivate and draw me into the current of remembering easily.  I have always felt these spaces tickling my intuitive antenna as they patiently offer up their timeless stories for interpretation.  It’s a voice that silently encourages and invites the use of ears not normally exercised.  It’s a voice that requires you to simply, let go and remember.

When I do this the land always rewards more than what I gave and as I continue to open to the gentle embrace that each location offers, I remain excited to unveil the timeless presence of the land and bring it to life in new and unexpected ways in the final image.

If there is one thing I try to remember when working on all aspects of picture making it’s this; the finest complexities, the sort that really draw us into silence, disarm and open our hearts and bring about spontaneous remembering, can only arise out of simplicity.  I have yet to find an exception to this.

I hope you can find one or two images that you enjoy and maybe even see something that makes you heart sing.  If so, perhaps that’s the feeling of you remembering!