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Susan Forde

Welcome to Susan Forde's captivating world, where fashion and jewellery design intertwine to celebrate the transformative power of colour. Experience her mesmerising array of designs, where vibrant hues take centre stage. Through her masterful artistry, Susan Forde explores the intricate interplay between colour and emotion, creating extraordinary ensembles that empower self-expression and celebrate individuality.

The colours that surround us have a huge impact in our everyday lives.

The Susan Forde Collection is based on fifteen years of colour theory knowledge by Susan Forde. The theory is based on uncovering an individual's life path through colours and then leveraging that insight to empower, and give strength to the person, with colour guiding the way.
Your life path number reveals your talents through ancient chakras and numerology.
When you surround yourself with your life path colours, you are aligning yourself with your unique powers and are attracting the energy you desire.


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