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Inhale (Kaleidos Series)



Wood and Acrylic, H370 W465 D80, $1,900


Kaleidos Series:
The wood supports are 33cm square, but they range from 37cm - 60cm on any height or width.
All of them can be hung on any rotation
Retail is $1900

The Kaleidos Series represents what I see ‘between the lines’ of my larger artworks. These smaller works are simply playful explorations of media and ideas. I have sketchbooks full of thumbnails, many of which will never come into form: the Kaleidos Series gives them an arena to juxtapose, tumble and interact with each other in a myriad of ways.

“Kaleidos” is from the word Kaleidoscope (Kalos : Beautiful, Eidos : Form). It is a fascinating toy: colour and shape collide, while mirrors give infinite compositions. The intention with this organic series is to have a constant grid of nine tile artworks. Over time the tiles will be replaced, hung on a different rotation and introduce new media. The series will form a slow moving art animation. The Kaleidos Series will hopefully become a fluid, unpredictable, Self-inspiring, playful exploration of media