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•    Windsor Gallery Canterbury High School Art Competition

•    (Student works will be on display until 20th September 2017)

•    You are invited to come in and Vote for “The People’s Choice Award”

The first Canterbury year 13 High School Art Competition was held on Wednesday 6th September. We had a great turnout with Students, Teachers and Parents attending the prize giving.

We invited two students from each High School in Canterbury to enter the competition and have had a fantastic result with amazing art works entered.  

Our judges Nathan Pohio a Conceptual Artist and Assistant Curator at the Christchurch Art Gallery and Aaron Kreisler Head of the Fine Arts Department University of Canterbury found judging a very difficult task with such high calibre entries.  Thank you Nathan and Aaron.

1st Place went to Brooke Tinomana from Christchurch Girls’ High School
A beautiful photographic entry awarded for subject matter, striking composition and good choice of camera lens

2nd Place went to Emma Dodd from Rangiora High School
A painting “Lonely Figure” complimented for technical skill of brush work and dramatic impact of the subject matter with an uncluttered personal style

3rd Place went to Sam Julian from Christ’s College
A piece of photography with an in depth subject matter and complicated technical compilation and composition

Abstract, contemporary, portraiture, photographic, mix medium entries Windsor Gallery Year 13 High School Canterbury Art Competition

Aaron, Philip, Nathan

Christchurch City Windsor Gallery Judges for Year 13 High School Art Competition - Aaron Kreisler Head of Fine Arts Department University of Canterbury and Nathan Pohio Assistant Curator Christchurch Art Gallery

Competition Night

competition First Place 2017

First Place 2017

competition Second Place 2017

Second Place 2017

competition Third Place 2017

Third Place 2017