Our Artists

Diana Peel

Auckland based artist Diana Peel creates impactful floral impasto paintings. Peel's paintings transform simple and refined shapes into dramatic scenery of graceful forms, brilliant colours and texture. Using a palette knife she drags and pulls her paint over the canvas, by not over working the marks she retains gestures in the luminous oil paint giving her surfaces a tactility and energy.

Peel draws on a background in music, having studied it for 9 years, as well as studies in academic drawing and painting. Peel also worked as an interior designer for some 12 years, giving her insight into the powerful sense of colour and composition. A full commitment to painting came after moving to New Zealand where she became inspired to capture the nature and florals of this beautiful country.

Now an established artist and tutor, Peel exhibits her work in galleries throughout New Zealand. She is steadily growing her following with works now acquired into numerous private collections.