Our Artists

Jenni Stringleman

Jenni’s vibrant and complex oil paintings portray an uplifting view of everyday life, elevating small details which the viewer can readily identify with. Relaxed figures at the beach,  energetic dancers in a club, or an almost kaleidoscope scene from nature, Jenni's work reflects her connection to cubism and expressionism, with a palette uniquely influenced by a life in the subtropical north of New Zealand.

“I love a process-oriented practice, and this has to led me to explore textured oil paint, scraped back or rolled with a brayer, resulting in contrasting areas of abstraction and detail with an almost collage like effect in some places”.

Jenni survived a serious illness in 2023, and this time of enforced rest crystallized a desire in her to focus on figurative art. Always a fan of the life drawing class, Jenni's time in animation also helped hone her observational skills, and this talent, plus many years exploring colour and composition, has resulted in a new series of multifigure narrative paintings.

Jenni is a full-time artist and lives in Devonport, Auckland. She has had five solo shows and multiple group shows throughout her art career.