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John Burns

John A Burns  JAB  B: 1952
‘all that is thought will be taught,
as all that is known has been shown’

Half of my life has been devoted to art. My views have changed from the beginning – I love being creative in both my art and poetry. In some cases, I’ll fuse them together if they belong. I like it that I’m not consistent in my process or thoughts regarding my practice. Once I’ve learned, I let it go. I let the words come as they choose, or the painting materialise as I create. No real effort on my behalf, no struggle to invent, its attraction of the one to the other. That then forms the bond that we’ve captured together. The small part I play in my work is merely exposing to some degree who I really am. It’s a slow dance while watching our steps together on this old winding path, and feeling grateful just to be on it.

That to me is what it’s about.

John October 2022