Our Artists

Justin Galligan

When Justin was young his father, a mechanic, would bring home old starter motors to extract the copper wire which would be used to tie up the grapevine and hold the chook pen together. From early experimentation with the material, Justin realised a wire is a line in space that could be utilised to sketch in three dimensions and deliniate space.
Initially inspired by the curves and angles of the female form, Justin continues to create figurative pieces, allowing the posture of the piece to portray the emotion or story to the viewer, enabling them to complete the picture in their mind. A subtle gesture this way or that can alter the meaning greatly. His Tea Pets are testament to this.
Justin has expanded his use of the wire medium by incorporating the classic kiwi Number 8 wire and chicken mesh into his repertoire. “I enjoy the challenge of taking an everyday industrial product to create a sculpture that has a breathe of life to it. When an idea comes an unsettled time of labour begins, sometimes frought with difficulties, and literally blood, but to finally have the finished piece 'here' is highly rewarding”. Justin has been integrating the industrial manufacturing process of zinc dipping into his work to obfuscate the material and create greater light play.
His bird inspired series stems back in part to Justin's childhood when he would make vintage model planes. He has never lost his fascination with their satisfying aesthetic combined with aerodynamic function. Now to emulate a form in avian flight is a new venture with no end of possibilites.

Justin’s latest creativity has seen the use of mathematical geometric patterns through ink and mechanical formation.  The striking form draws the eye of the observer to reflect on the depth and 3 dimensional aspect of a one dimensional form.
Emigrating from Western Australia in 1999, Justin now calls Christchurch home.