Our Artists

Pearce Malcolm

Although I have no formal training, my early exposure to a diverse range of mediums under the guidance of my mother, an artist, ignited a lifelong passion for art. Currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand, my artistic focus centers on sculpting pieces with the intent of leaving a lasting impact on viewers and enhancing their appreciation of art.

While I am drawn to the commanding presence of sculptures, my primary goal is to craft works that people genuinely enjoy and remember. Art has always been a significant influence in my life, and I'm particularly captivated by the multi-dimensional aspects of sculptures. My material choices, influenced by professional experience and a strong interest in metal processing, are intended to spark thought and intrigue.

Through these sculptures, I embrace a distinctive design that adds a captivating dimension to my work. In my most recent pieces, I've explored an illusive design, combining my fascination with materials and intricate processes to create memorable artworks. Despite the apparent stillness of my sculptures, the crafted design aims to convey a sense of movement, challenging viewers to question the static nature of these pieces. Interaction with my art extends beyond observation; I invite viewers to explore and enjoy moving around the piece to experience the change.