Our Artists

Rhonye McIlroy

Rhonye is a New Zealand figurative artist based in Mid Canterbury working full time from her home studio. Her work has received multi-awards, praise and recognition in New Zealand and worldwide. Many works have Featured in numerous exhibitions throughout New Zealand.

Born in Greymouth, West Coast, she left home at the age of 16 for a 10-year adventure traveling the world. Some of her greatest pleasures were the many art galleries and museums that she sent time in. These had a huge impact on her direction later in life.

A background that includes Diplomas in the Europe and NZ fashion industry coupled with a passion for drawing figures and historic costumes saw her make the transition from clothing design to fine arts in 2004.

A Self-taught artist, Rhonye’s first works were based on Roman Greek structure. This was followed by a series of erotica, surrealism, advertising and early European New Zealand history. The top-hat become one of her trademarks since 2011.

The 'Harriet Affair Collection' is an epic narrative that has a pivotal place in New Zealand history. It has been referred to as one of the catalysts leading to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

A gripping story that would fire the imagination of any creator while offering a fantastic amount of inspiration, for Rhonye it is also very personal. Elizabeth 'Betty' Guard- the first woman of European descent to settle in the South Island was her great-great-great grandmother. Her works tell the story of her ancestors with the intention of drawing you in and seeking to provoke thought and conversations.

Many of Rhonye’s works are held in private collections nationally and throughout the world.