Our Artists

Sarah Waters

Sarah can be found most days in front of a bandsaw or sander in her studio in Christchurch. Her artworks are made up of unique 3-dimensional patterns. The geometric shapes create a striking display that is amplified by an interesting shadow that echos the pattern across the wall. The detailed pieces are a labour of love, all comprised of salvaged or sustainable varieties of wood. Sarah loves to work with wood and enjoys revealing the unique grain that is often concealed before a coat of varnish is applied.

Sarah has been a teacher for 18 years and she is currently studying graphics and web design. She is from an artistic family and has been creating art all of her life, favouring sculpture as her preferred medium. She uses the creative process as a form of relaxation and mindfulness. She hopes that the viewer will become lost in her artworks as they discover the transforming patterns hidden at different angles and within the shadows.